Cakes by Beatriz



Other Cakes and Fillings

Apple cake: Layers of vanilla cake and sliced apples sprinkled with brown cinnamon sugar

Chocolate   -   Vanilla   -  Lemon  -  Red velvet  -  Marble   -         Chocolate chip   -   Vanilla Walnut     



Italian/Swiss Meringue Buttercream: Chocolate   -   Vanilla   -   Mocha   -   Hazelnut   -   Lemon   -   Orange   -   Almond     

French Buttercream: Chocolate   -   Vanilla   -   Mocha   -   Hazelnut   -   Lemon   -   Orange   -   Almond   

Custard Creams: Chocolate   -   Vanilla   -   Lemon

Other: Dulce de leche   -   Cream cheese


Vanilla cake with Peaches and cream

Vanilla or Chocolate cake with Strawberries and cream

Vanilla or Chocolate cake with Raspberries and cream

Carrot cake with Cream cheese filling

Tiramisu cake

Black Forest cake

Lemon Raspberry cake

Strawberry Shortcake

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